Between Heaven and Earth


“Interface” is a relatively recent name for a discussion group that has been meeting for more than 30 years. The discussants are mostly but not exclusively Seventh-day Adventists. The open discussion is about the interface between heaven and earth in a biblical context and serves as an outlet for discussants to explore divergent and, perhaps, novel and enlightening views.

If you are comfortable in your beliefs, this may not be the place for you. Not because we don’t want you, but because we don’t want to disturb something you have that we can only aspire to: Serenity in our faith. At the same time, this is not the place to challenge every point of view that may disagree with or diverge from orthodox beliefs. Difference of viewpoints is welcomed; discord is discouraged; expansion of ideas is encouraged.

Our discussions are based on scripture and faith, but we look to all sources, including science, other faiths, and even non-faiths for inspiration and ideas to expand our understanding.

Some little known and seldom discussed facts, even within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, are that:

  1. The Church has no creed excepting the Bible itself;
  2. It has a set of beliefs, but none that cannot be changed if challenged by new understanding–which is to be actively sought; and
  3. It grew out of a misguided prediction of the second coming of Christ “on or before 1843.”

Because of this “Great Disappointment” of prediction, Adventists of all people should be open to new ideas and new understandings. In theory, they are, because of facts #1 and #2 above. But in practice, the Church and its members tend to get set in their ways, like all communities and all of us do.

* * *

While attendance at the Saturday morning meetings of the group has averaged probably about ten people, over the years scores of people have made use of the forum to explore new perspectives on their faith, on the bible, on spirituality — on any aspect of the interface between Heaven and Earth. And that includes the physical, scientific, understanding of that interface, which some think might also help inform our understanding of the ineffable, the mystical, the spiritual, the metaphysical.

In August 2012, we began to record and transcribe the meetings, and shared the transcripts (edited for clarity and concision) via email with the group members and anyone else who asked to be included.

In February 2013, we began placing the edited transcripts online, with a view to extending both the discussion and the community of discussants.

In April 2015, we created a YouTube channel and began videotaping Dr. Weaver’s introductory remarks at each class. See the link “Class Videos” in the menu bar at top left.

We hope you will join us in our quest for answers to what lies at the interface between Heaven and Earth.

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